FAQs | Custom Kitchen Countertop
Custom Kitchen Countertop


Q. What happens after I order or submit the signed proposal/contract?

A. We will contact you directly and ask you for your prefered time and schedule for template. If you don’t have schedule yet, you need to contact us to schedule for measurement.

Q. Who will remove my existing countertop?

A. Unless it is pre-arranged and included in the project contract, our installers will not tear out your existing countertop. It is your responsibility to arrange for the removal of your existing countertops prior to installation.

Q. Who will install plywood subtop?

A. Your contractor needs to place the plywood subtop. See our plywood sub top guidelines.

Q. When should I remove my existing countertop?

A. Old countertop needs to be remove before template or measurement.

Q. When can we schedule template or measurement?

A.    After the plywood has been placed edge-to-edge on your countertop, by your contractor, you can set up appointment and we will come and make the template. Make sure your countertops are cleared and the top drawers are removed and the cabinets are cleaned out. If you have your new sink, we will take it back with us in order to make the sink cut out. We will drill the faucet, soap dispenser, or any other holes onsite, at the time of installation

Q.How do I assure an accurate measure and template to my countertop?

A. All cabinets must be installed and in the same plane. Also, sinks, faucet fixtures, and cook tops should be available at the site during initial measurements.

Q.After doing template, how long will it take to install my countertop?

A. It will take 10 working days to install your new countertop. You will be with out sink for 5-10 working days. We will cut the hole in the plywood for the sink at this time. An adult will need to be present to decide where you want the faucet holes located. The surrounding area may get dusty or messy from cutting these holes, but we will do our best to keep it down to a minimum and clean up after ourselves.

Q.Who needs to take care of plumbing and electrical?

A. We are not responsible for the plumbing, but we do have referrals. Please schedule your plumber to come 24 hours after the installation so your new countertop and setting materials have a chance to harden.

Q.Who is responsible on all the built in elements like stove, appliances, faucet holes, etc. fit together?

A. In order to fit this properly, all of these elements needs to be on site on time of template.

Q. Do we need to select slab materials?

A. Natural stone material like granite, marble, limestone, etc. needs to be selected by client. If it is a If its a quartz material, there is no need to select the material. You must inform us where you selected material so we can schedule delivery in our fabrication site. Delivery charge may be added depending on the slab yard the material where tagged.

Q.Who will inform us on number of slabs needed to be use in our project?

A. When you request for an estimate, we will let you know approximate no. of slabs you will require. When you decided what type of material you need and after template, we will let you know the exact slab count.

Q.Can we take the remnant slab or scrap material?

A. If you think you may have some scrap/remnant piece of stone left which maybe enough for a vanity, table, lazy susan or trivet, please let our crew make a template or record of measurement. This way we don’t have to charge you if we come back out to make this measurement. If there is a big enough piece for your project we will only charge you for the fabrication and installation (if required). We can hold a customer remnant for 90 days after which it will become our property or you are welcome to pick it up.

Q.Can we do template layout?

A. Yes you can do template layout but you need to set up an appointment after the actual measurement. Our crew will give you their opinion on how they believe it will look best, but you have the ultimate decision.

Q. Will my walls, cabinets and adjacent surfaces be protected during installation?

A. Every effort is made to protect your walls and other adjacent surfaces. However, when a heavy natural stone countertop is installed, some scuffing to walls or adjacent fixtures may occur. Some “touch ups” may be necessary and are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Q.Do you do countertop maintenance?

A. Remember, sealing and maintenance are essential in keeping up the beauty of your new countertops. We have all the materials necessary to keep your countertops looking as new as the day they were installed. We also offer a regular maintenance package where we re-caulk where necessary, clean, seal and polish your countertops. This is recommended every 6 months. Please call our office for more details about this service.

Q.Who should I contact if I have question on my countertop installation?

A. You can contact me directly, Sharon Mor Katz for any questions. I will deal with you personally and professionaly.