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Estimate Request

You can request estimate in two ways and estimate usually takes 24 hours to get back to you.

Option 1:

Send a drawing layout of your cabinets or countertop with dimensions along with the Estimate request form and email to:

Drawing layout can be architectural plan, cabinet plan or hand sketch. See samples below.

Option 2:

Fill up the form below and attach drawing of countertop or cabinet layout with dimensions.

Estimate Request Form

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Splash Detail: Please provide us height of your splash if required (e.g. 4") or write N/A if not applicable. Specify height and width of splash behind range/cooktop if applicable (e.g. 15"h x 30"w)


Backsplash Height:

Splash height behind range/cooktop:

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Add note if you would like more options. If you would also like to have estimate on tiles, shower floors, fireplaces or other jobs not mentioned above, please let us know specific details and we will give you estimate on that area as well.