How Long Do Countertops Last?

Your kitchen countertops are easily the biggest focal points of the kitchen, so it’s important that they stay in top condition. Through consistent maintenance and upkeep, you can ensure that your countertops will remain spotless for years. But how long do countertops last, exactly? 

Below, our Sharon Stone design pros will tell you how long your countertops can last when you take the proper steps to countertop maintenance in San Jose.

Materials Make a Difference

The materials that make up your countertop can have an impact on its overall life expectancy. Let’s take a look at common materials and how long they are expected to last with good maintenance: 

  • Quartz is a human-made material that can be treated and maintained to last for several decades, or as long as you have a kitchen. The best way to take care of your quartz is to add a finishing sealant and avoid washing it with acidic cleaners. 
  • Granite is a natural stone, and therefore can last longer than a lifetime. With proper care, granite slabs will last for thousands of years. Just be sure to clean it daily and don’t expose it to extreme heat. 
  • Wood countertops are not as common as stone countertops, but natural wood can last for several years. There are specialty finishing products that can protect your countertops against temperatures and scratches over time. 
  • Laminate is an inexpensive material that can last for several decades with proper maintenance and care. It is a sensitive material, but if you only use your kitchen for light cooking, then this might be a lasting option for you. 

A well-manufactured and frequently-maintained stone countertop can last as long as the planet itself, instantly increasing the value of your home. Those who wonder which type of countertop lasts the longest can expect to depend on the durability of natural stone. 

How Long Do Countertops Last?

Stone can last a long time on its own, but the best way to make your stone last a long time is to take good care of it. This starts with finding a good finishing seal and continues with proper maintenance throughout the years. Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t Stall on Spills 

When you spill on your granite or natural stone countertop, don’t hesitate to clean it up. The faster you can dry a spill, the more you can avoid lasting damage. Spills that are not tended to could end up staining the finished surface of your counters.

Invest in a Good Sealer 

Your stone manufacturer or repair specialists can provide a recommended sealant before installing your stone countertop. Double-check that it is sealed before you start using it. 

Wipe Down Daily 

Your stone countertops should be cleaned daily with a clean washcloth and some warm water. You can use a couple of drops of dishwasher detergent – as long as it’s not acidic – to further clean away any dirt and grime. Use a dry cloth to pat the surface dry. 

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Stone does not hold up well to extreme heat or cold. Make sure to not place hot pans directly on your stone surface; use a potholder instead. Extreme cold could also cause the stone to freeze and crack.  

Extend the Life Expectancy of Your Countertops Today!

Investing in a new countertop is no small feat, and you deserve to enjoy a new slab of stone that outlasts your home. With proper installation and yearly maintenance, you can keep your countertops alive and well for years to come. Let Sharon Stone Design be your premier location for countertop repair and kitchen remodeling in San Jose. Get in touch with us today and find out how long your countertop can last!

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