How to Remodel During the Pandemic

Just because most of the outside world has been put on hold doesn’t mean you have to stop any projects happening inside. In fact, the home remodeling industry is booming. This makes now a better time than ever to start investing in a remodeling project. If you want to get some remodeling work done, but you’re afraid of what that might look like during the pandemic, don’t worry. Our pros have got you covered. By knowing how to remodel during the pandemic, you can either increase your home’s value or turn it into a whole new place for you and your family.

How to Remodel During the Pandemic

Here is what our Sharon Stone Design experts have to say about your bathroom and kitchen remodeling San Jose options during COVID-19.

Find More Time

It is important to think about the advantages of remodeling during the pandemic. You’ll find a lot more time on your hands now that stay-at-home orders are in place. With fewer places to go and more things to do, you can use this opportunity to find ample time to get some much-needed remodeling work done. Contractors have a lot more time on their hands as well, so they are available to help you get started at your earliest convenience. And you should act fast -the pandemic has put remodeling work in higher demand!

Visit a Virtual Showroom

Get in touch with your local remodeling company and find out whether they have a virtual showroom available. Rather than having to schedule an in-office visit, which could increase the risk of COVID-19, you can meet up with your contractors online and get a virtual tour of your remodeling options.

Confirm Sanitation Precautions

Before allowing any contractors into your home, it’s important to ensure you have a good understanding of their professional sanitation measures and safety precautions so everyone can remain safe during the pandemic. Get in touch with your remodeling experts and ask them about the measure they are taking. Are there sufficient contracts and agreements in place to create a comfortable level of safety at all times? What do the contractors do to remain safe while on the job? Are tools and equipment cleaned regularly?

Increase Your Equity

When you commit to a home remodeling project during the pandemic, you will actually see a greater increase in the value of your home than you would have if you had remodeled before the start of COVID-19. According to CNBC, homeowners in the United States have experienced their homes increase in value during COVID-19 after remodeling. Prices are continuing to rise. And demand keeps going up, meaning you can increase your value and home equity if you remodel right now.

Get Bigger Discounts

Another pro of remodeling during the pandemic? More discounts! Many people are hard-pressed to consider a home renovation project during these strange times. But the desire for remodeling is still going up. Many contractors and professional remodeling companies offer bigger and better discounts for materials and labor right now. This gives you a better chance than ever to enjoy all the benefits of a renovation.

Find the Perfect Remodeling Opportunity Today!

It can be difficult to find contractors you can trust during this time of pandemic and pandemonium. But once you know how to remodel during the pandemic, you can make your choice. At Sharon Stone Design, we offer a number of kitchen and bathroom remodeling services that help you meet safety and sanitation standards all throughout the year. From renovation to rebuilding, our experts can help you with any project large or small.

Get in touch with the best stone fabricators Silicon Valley has and ask about your remodeling options during COVID-19. We are open to help you with your needs while maintaining sanitation practices to keep everyone safe. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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