Repairing Cracked Countertops

Old or new, your countertops are valuable and worthy of protection. Any significant damage can put in cracks and chips, making them difficult to repair. Not to mention, the price of cutting new stone or filling in missing pieces of countertop can get quite high. What is the best solution for repairing cracked countertops that doesn’t break the bank?

Repairing Cracked Countertops

There are a few things you can do at home to keep your stone in good shape while you seek professional countertop repair in San Jose. When you’re in doubt, you can consult with your local experts to learn how to repair your valuable countertops in a cheap and timely manner. Take a look at the below guide to learn more about fixing broken countertops.

Assessing the Damage

Depending on the kind of cracks or chips your countertops have sustained, different repair options may be necessary. Certain cracks may not be as dangerous as others. Let’s take a look.

Separated Cracks

The worst crack to have in your countertop (especially granite and natural stone countertop) is a separated crack. This is a very visible crack with a gap in between and a lip, causing a huge blemish in the stone slab. They will usually get worse over time and almost always require immediate repair.

Hairline Cracks

Even the most professional installers sometimes install slabs that have hairline cracks. These are hardly noticeable and might not even require repair. If you know it’s there, and you want it removed, though, you can either fix it or have your stone slab replaced.

Restoration Options

There are a few ways that you can temporarily repair stone countertops at home. If you have your hands on a clear epoxy, resin, or acrylic adhesive material, you can use this to fill in the cracks. However, this will not fix the plain aesthetic issues that are prominent once a crack starts to show up.

You can also purchase repair kits that are made specifically for countertops. These kits will usually contain a stronger type of epoxy as well as color-mixing products that can mimic the look of your natural stone. This is a good way to fix your countertop in a fix. However, if you are looking for additional repair options, you might want to consult with a professional. Experts can replace your stone or fix it with manufactured materials you might not be able to get at the store.

Why Professional Restoration is the Best Option

Most of the time, small cracks and blemishes will not damage the countertop further over the time. DIY repairs can help keep your mind at ease. But if you are bothered by the cracks and you are worried about what kind of damage you will have in the future, your best bet is to have your stone slab replaced.

You should get in touch with your professional stone fabricators and countertop manufacturers to find out what the most affordable and feasible repair options are for your counters.

Repair Your Countertops With Ease!

Whether you have a tiny hairline crack or a substantial gash in your natural stone countertops, you need the best repair options ASAP. While a lot of cracks won’t sacrifice the durability or quality of your countertop, they can be annoying to look at and even more annoying to deal with when you are trying to clean. In most cases, a professional repair or replacement is the best way to go.

Find out more about our stone fabrication services and repair options for stone countertops. Get in touch with our experts for a customized quote and get the best stone repair in San Jose today!

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