Template & Installation Guidelines

1 Estimates are based on your cabinet drawings or a rough sketch. We understand that things change. Many decide to make alterations once construction has begun.
2 The template will confirm final price.

Template Preparation

1 A Template for cutting (Final measurement) is made once the job site is ready. Please do not make an appointment before your job site is ready. There will be a $180 return trip charge if you are not ready and items are not on site.
2 Cabinets must be leveled with the proper plywood sub top.Sharon Stone Design cannot be responsible for un level cabinet. Plywood must have the cut out for sink and cooktop.
3 For 3cm material or 1 1/4″ slab, 5/8″ plywood sub top must be flushed inside the cabinet.
4 Under mount sink or Farm sink must be in place before template can be made. Installation of cast iron sink means the rim is flush with the plywood and the stone will cover both the sink rim and the plywood. Installation of stainless steel sink means dropping in the sink into the plywood cutout. Do not throw away the template that came with the sink. Some situation may require that we take the template and/or sink to the shop.
5 Top mount sink, cook top, hood down draft or anything else that requires cutting of the stone must be at job site.



1 The fabrication of custom stone countertops with standard edge detail is 7-10 working days and 15 working days for counters with ornate edge details, from the time the template was taken and material is available at our shop, adjusted cost and fabrication drawing must be signed before fabrication began.
2 For all natural stone jobs and materials with long veins client to approve the stone layout before fabrication began.



1 The exciting day is here and your custom stone counters arrive.
2 Once again, cook tops, ranges, down drafts, hoods, top set sinks or anything else that requires cutting of the stone must be at the job site.
3 Sink plumbing, garbage disposals, and cook tops must be disconnected and faucets must also be removed if they have been installed. (The installers will need to move the sink into position).
4 Sharon Stone Design masons and installers do not do plumbing of any type.
5 Stone counters are very large and heavy. A clear and easy path free from clutter is needed. Ranges and refrigerators may have to slide out if the space is too tight.
6 The installers will need access to electricity and water. We will do some detailing at your job site and there will be dust.
7 Please do not have other trades in the area.
8 All bar and bathroom vanity mirrors have to be removed.


Can I cook now?

1 Almost. Sharon Stone Design puts a penetrating sealer on your granite counters (with exception of Quartz countertop & black granite). The sealer takes almost 24 hrs. to cure.
2 The seal caulking and grout also needs to cure and takes at least 24 hrs. to dry. You will compromise the seal of the caulking if it is not allowed to cure and it can move or not in center.
3 All countertop and backsplash sections should be left untouched for a period of at least 24 hrs.
4 Schedule your plumber and other activities after the drying time. There will be a repair fee if its needs to be recaulk.

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